Monday, January 16, 2012

Student Work - Tanka Fans

By Sajee D
 "Look the sky is blue
See later the sky is dark
Now it is raining
The rain is falling from the sky
Now the sun is coming out"

By Wendy B
 "I lay on the ground
Watching the cherry blossoms
 I stand up and see
One gets up and spreads its wings
Tries to fly like a real bird"

By Wendy H
 "Pink cherry blossoms
Are you but in the winter
Seeing blossoms fall
Make me want to love your all
Nature and love is so tough"

By Annmarie C
 "On a spring morning
How we enjoy the flowers
While you hold my hand
Warms my up like a candle
Always giving warmth and love"

By Anon
 "The wave great and blue
So great it can touch the moon
Smashing through the rocks
The great wave blue as blue
The great wave please come tonight"

By Antonio C
 "Beautiful splashing
Pouring into a river
Water sparkling
Making sparkly foam rise up
Forming a lovely rainbow"

By Blake T
 "The wind slightly blows
Through the beautiful green plains
The pale white snow falls
On the sharp rocky mountains
Nature is very peaceful"

By Clara V
 "The sun rises up
Into the morning daylight
Birds fly very high
Trying hard to touch the sun
Just like my love flew away"

By Dashiel H
 "Beautiful mountains
Rivers with cold, cold water
While cold snow on rocks
Trees over the place with frost
White sparkly snow everywhere"

By Destiny C
 I see the bright stars
Laying down on the open field
As they twinkle bright
I breath in the open air
As I fall asleep deeply

By Destiny M
 "The waves crash through hard
Fog rises from the darkness
The light shines through me
The grass whispers to my heart
The lightning hits my souls love"

By Devin M
 "Moon washes away
On the silver river
Tonight is the night
Sun comes in tonight
Moon will wash away"

By Dorielle A
 "Soft and sweet is love
Moon and stars make love at night
For the sun to come
Their loving puts us to sleep
And brings in the day with joy"

By Emily W
 "Beautiful rivers
The moon shining its bright light
Leaves blowing off trees
Everywhere covered with grass
The wind blowing in silence"

By Frank A
 "In the night you see
The person you look after
But he escapes you
He seeks the light you can't find
And disappears in the west"

By Jenny T
 "On this autumn day
Lie leaves falling to the ground
The wind is blowing
Soft sorrows are being heard
While love is in the deep air"

By Jia Yin C
 "Grounds filled with snow
Cherry blossoms bloom in spring
Summer is a break
Leaves falling down with sadness
Seasons with me all the time"

By Joshua P
 "As the moon goes down
And the sun is rising up
Your eyes sparkle more
Is this actually a dream
Or is this truly beauty"

By Jules C
 "I see the white snow
Covering the mountain top
Sparkling in the sun
Reminding me of the clouds
That fly high above me"

By Justin H
 "Wonderful winter
Where trees are covered in snow
Where rivers are cold
Where children play in the snow
It is the coldest season"

By Kenya R
 "Looking at the sun
Sunlight spreads through the world
Shining in my eyes
The nature is giving peace
Giving me joy everyday"

By Kevin T
 "Leaves blow in the wind
Beautiful like a rainbow
Not stopping for breaks
They're forced against their will
They continue their great show"

By Lucie G
 "The breeze in your hair
Wind brushing your sun-warmed face
Slight rustle of leaves
Here I want to be always
With gentle sun on my skin"

By Miles Y
 "So softly the moon sits
Soft as the feathers of a chick
Smooth like the colors
Painted by the sun setting
On a warm country evening"

By Mohammed A
 "Carefully I walk
Trying so hard to be brave
They all see my fear
Dark glasses cover their eyes
As mine flow over with tears"

By Nathaly M
 "This love that rises
Me up and this hope that always
Comes by my dreams
Telling me
To have no pain in myself"

By Paige B
 "I stare straight ahead
Thinking what lies before me
Water shimmering
The trees are whistling to me
Sun shining bright and yellow"

By Qian Mei G
"My heart is aching
Cherry blossoms falling down
The wind is blowing
Is there a way to find you
From below here and up there"

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